Haaretz’s Gideon Levy hates the Jewish state

Posted: April 13, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in 'Idiots' Awards, Anti-Israel, Israel, Own Articles
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"No to Jewish state"

"No to Jewish state"

In a recent op-ed, Haaretz correspondent Gideon Levy really lets the religious have it. He labels the Passover Haggadah a ‘praise for genocide’ and simply cannot hide his fate towards the Jewish identity of the state of Israel. For reason unknown to me, he believes Israel calls itself ‘liberal and secular’, while the Declaration of Independence clearly labels the state ‘democratic’ and ‘Jewish’.

A few days after tens of thousands of Israelis raised their eyes to the heavens at dawn to honor “the return of the sun to the place it stood at creation,” and millions of Israelis joyfully read out praise in the Passover Hagaddah for genocide – jihad by means of horrific plagues and drowning infants – it’s time to admit it: We live in a religious country.

That’s the case during this holiday, when in some places it’s impossible to find leavened products, when the rabbinate seeks to install special computer programs at supermarkets to prevent the sale of leavened foods, when Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger asks Rabbi Yaakov Israel Ifergan to get his follower Nochi Dankner to install the program at his supermarkets, and when the cows of our country are on a leaven-free diet.

We must admit that this society has rather dark religious aspects. Foreigners landing in Israel might ask themselves what country they’re in: Iran, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia? In any case, it’s not the liberal, secular and enlightened society it purports to be. Thieves’ hands do not have to be hacked off or women’s faces covered to be a religious country. Just as an occupying state, which controls 3.5 million people lacking basic civil rights, cannot call itself “the only democracy in the Middle East,” so a country that has no bread for a week because of its religion cannot call itself secular and liberal.

If only we were willing to admit this and stop pretending to be secular. All the same, a society that pretends to be Western and enlightened cannot delude itself while maintaining such a religious and unenlightened lifestyle. Not much has changed since our school days, when we were taught to kiss a Bible that dropped on the floor. So let’s enjoy the taste of the matzah and let’s not try to pull a beer bottle out from behind the ridiculous nylon on the supermarket shelf, and let’s admit it: We are (almost) a state governed by religious law.

I have news for Mr. Levy. Many of us non-religious citizens of Israel – me included – want the state to be Jewish. This is the only place where Jews can practice their religion without persecution. Yes, the ultra-orthodox circles add the fuel to the flame when they attack non-religious circles and I do believe that they overbear in many cases with forcing the busses to stop on Saturdays or closing the malls. However, Israel still is a Jewish state, and for one week, we could do without bread.

Still, for Levy it is not a problem with bread or beer – it is his hatred towards everything religious. The Haggadah is a praise of jihad? Is this man nuts or what? For those unfamiliar with Jewish tradition – Passover Haggadah is a book read annually by Jews, which tells the story of Jews’ exodus from Egypt and praises God for it. In Haggadah, God punishes Egypt ten times – from turning all water into blood and frogs leaping all over Egypt, to total darkness and killing of firstborns. However, the Haggadah says it did not happen out of nowhere – God decided to punish Egyptians after hundreds of years of them enslaving the Jews in harsh conditions. The Torah tells us that first Moses went to the Pharaoh and told him: “Let my people go”, at which latter laughed. Then Moses warned him, that Pharaoh and his people would be punished unless Jews are freed. The Pharaoh sent Moses away.

After most punishments, Moses came to Pharaoh calling for the release of the Jews, and got ‘No’ as answer. Only after deaths of firstborns did Pharaoh send Jews away and even then, he changed his mind very soon and sent his army after the Jews to bring them back.

So let’s be clear here: for Levy, enslaving the Jews and killing them in the process is just fine, however, when Egyptians suffer the consequences it is bad?

Dear Mr. Levy, you get the Idiot of the Month award for April 2009. Congratulations.

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  2. Well, I wouldn’t 100% agree with that, honestly. I am not a religious person and wouldn’t want religion imposed on me. On the other hand, Israel is a Jewish state and religious Jews should not be persecuted here.

  3. tekhelet says:

    Wanted to comment again. In the bible, in M’lakhim Bet (2 Kings), Israel’s king Yoshiyahu (Josiah) smashed all the idols and got Israel to once again observe Pesach which the nation had not observed since the days when the judges ruled Israel. Read chapter 23 of 2 Kings. I hope and pray that the people of Israel will sincerely seek God in His Word.

  4. tekhelet says:

    Shalom Jonathan! Thank you, I enjoyed reading this article and will forward it out. Personally, I do not read from Haaretz news because of these similar reasons you stated. I find them to be too left wing and sometimes anti-Zionist. So, I read from Jerusalem Post and Ynet. 🙂 Chag Pesach!

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