Egypt alleges Hizb Allah planned three attacks

Posted: April 14, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah, Israel

Hizb Allah flag

Hizb Allah flag

Egyptian newspapers keep releasing new details of investigation of Sami Shihab – a Hizb Allah terrorists arrested by Egyptian authorities for planning several attacks against Israeli targets in Cairo, as well as other parts of Egypt.

According to most recent report by al-Ahram Egyptian daily, Hizb Allah planned to use suicide and car bombs, as well as planting explosives among Israelis in Dahab, Taba, Nuweiba and other locations:

Shihab said he was ordered by the Hizbullah headquarters to carry out terror attacks on Egyptian soil and to target Israeli tourists and foreigners. Shihab said the cell was tasked with carrying out the attacks using suicide bombs, car bombs, and planting explosives among Israelis staying in Sinai, and in Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba in particular.

According to the report in the Egyptian paper, Nasrallah appointed his deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qasim to oversee the cell’s activity and appointed Muhammad Qablan to work under Qasim.

Qablan was stationed in Egypt to set up the cell, and appointed Shihab as his deputy. Shihab had entered Egypt in March or April of 2008 under a fake passport by the name of Hassan al-Rol, and was under Egyptian intelligence surveillance.

Shihab moved to el-Arish, where he met with a number of the cell’s members and supervised the production of explosive devices and belts. According to the report, Shihab was also ordered to arrange places to store vehicles the cell would use to travel around Egypt and to purchase materials to be used in the production of explosives.

Lebanese daily al-Akhbar published a different version, though. The newspaper, believed to be affiliated with Hizb Allah, published a ‘leaked’ version from Cairo, in which Shihab apparently stated that his goal was to attack within Israel, not in Egypt:

“The organization’s wise leaders told us that Egypt is a red line, and that the goal was to aid Palestine,” Shihab reportedly said, “The organization’s leaders gave us strict orders not to harm Israelis in Egypt’s territory in order to maintain Egyptian national security. They told us that entering Palestine was the goal, and that the goal was to fight the Jews there, and that Egypt should be kept out of any activity.”

However, Shihab did admit that the cell was also tasked with monitoring the Nuweiba coast region and the road leading to Taba, and to monitor the movement of Israeli tourists in the area. Shihab also said that Muhammad Qablan was appointed head of the cell, “since he knew Egypt’s character and lived there for a while, especially in Sinai”.

The published ‘leak’ could be Hizb Allah’s attempt at dissolving recent tension between Lebanon and Egypt, which lead to Egyptian daily calling Hassan Nasrallah – Hizb Allah’s leader – ‘a monkey sheikh’. Lately, Egyptian officials were furious with Nasrallah.

Among other things, Hizb Allah tries to win over hearts of Western world. With English government ready to talk with the terrorist organization, Hizb Allah’s Naeem Qassem says West’s perception of his terrorist group has changed:

In an interview printed in the Los Angeles Times on Monday, Naim Qassem said that the group “has convinced the West it is a popular, authentic, and important movement that cannot be ignored.”

Qassem, who is the next-in-line to succeed Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, proposed that “the more we [Hezbollah] clarify our image to the people of the West, the more pressure they will put on their governments to stop supporting Israel.”

The LA times quoted Qassem as saying that Hezbollah is not carrying out any sort of military operations outside of Lebanon.

Qassem’s statement contradicts those made by Nasrallah over the weekend, when he confirmed that Hezbollah had sent a member to Egypt – a rare acknowledgment that the group was operating in another Arab country.

Qassem probably uses media tactics used by many terrorist groups, saying one thing to the Arab world and then saying something else to the Western world. It is currently unclear if LA Times took the bait.

  1. el hatimi soufiane says:

    salamo 3alikom ana ma3akom 9*alban wa9alaban kol almaghreb bi maliko bi cha3bo na7no ma3akom

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