Obama to allow Iran’s enrichment

Posted: April 14, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, US

Next - before Ahmadinejad?

Next - before Ahmadinejad?

Obama’s administration ready to allow Iran to continue Iranian uranium enrichment program during talks, according to NY Times report. The administration hopes this tactic will help draw Iranians to the negotiations table:

The proposal would also allow Tehran to continue enriching uranium for some period during the talks and would be a sharp break from the Bush administration, which had demanded that Iran halt its enrichment activities, the report said.

Enriching uranium can produce fuel for a nuclear power plant or, if purified to a much higher degree, provide material for an atomic bomb. The West suspects Iran’s nuclear program is cover for building an atomic bomb but Tehran says it is to generate electricity.

The proposals, still under discussion, were aimed at drawing Iran into nuclear talks that it has so far shunned, the newspaper said, citing officials involved in the strategy sessions.

A senior Obama administration official cautioned that “we are still at the brainstorming level” and said the terms of an opening proposal to Iran were still being debated, the newspaper said.

While I’m not saying anything about the particular tactic, this probably will be viewed as a weakness by the Arab world, and if this proposal indeed gets anywhere, we will probably hear happy remarks from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad soon.

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    You don’t say!

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