Egypt considers legal action against Hassan Nasrallah

Posted: April 16, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah, Israel, Terrorism

Hassan Nasrallah, wiping faceAccording to news reports, Egypt plans indicting Hizb Allah chief Hassan Nasrallah for “conspiring to commit a crime and planning acts of aggression and terror on Egyptian soil”. Apparently, a group of jurists would finish the document in the upcoming days, and would be presented to “highest authorities”:

Egypt has accused Hizbullah of plotting terror attacks on Egyptian soil with the aim of advancing Iran’s interests in the region. Authorities have detained 25 men with alleged ties to the Shiite group, and an Egyptian prosecutor’s statement said 49 people are still wanted in the alleged Hizbullah plot.

According to Egyptian sources, the document should be completed in the coming days and be presented to “the highest authorities.” Cairo will then decide whether to add Nasrallah and Qassem to the list of Hizbullah members who are facing indictment.

The sources said Cairo would not hesitate to issue an official arrest warrant application for the Hizbullah leaders, and may even turn Lebanese authorities and Interpol and ask that they take the necessary measures to arrest Nasrallah and Qassem and have them extradited to Egypt.

A senior Egyptian official told the El-Gomhuriah newspaper that the results of the investigation into the alleged Hizbullah terror plot is expected to have “dangerous and earthshaking consequences,” adding that charges may be brought against senior Hizbullah and Iranian figures.

In related news, Egyptian investigators release new details about detained Hizb Allah group. According to reports, several members planned to carry out large-scale attacks, reaching up to Tel Aviv:

According to the report, two of the cell’s members are Fatah operatives, who confessed to having planned to enter Israel and carry out massive suicide attacks, “maybe even in Tel Aviv”.

Sources close to the investigation told the newspaper that two Fatah members, Muhammad Ramadan Barakeh and Nidal Fathi Hassan were arrested under suspicion of ties with the Hizbullah cell.

Egyptian security forces arrested the two in Sinai a few weeks ago, while they were making their way to one of the underground tunnels leading into Gaza.

Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution began questioning the two on Tuesday, and in their investigation, they confessed to planning to travel first to Sudan, and then to Syria and Lebanon, where they were to train for suicide missions in Israel.

Fatah, mind you, is Mahmoud Abbas’ organization.


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  1. […] Egypt considers legal action against Hassan Nasrallah, Clashes continue between Egypt, Hizb Allah […]

  2. ivarfjeld says:

    Thanks for your blogging. From this message, everyone can learn that Radical Islam is an ongoing disaster for the Arab World. It shall be interesting to see how the anti-Zionists camp react when they read this. Not only Israel is at war with Hizbullah. Its true that Radical Islam seems to have more supporters in Europe, than they have among mainstream Muslim youth in the Middle East.

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