Hamas leaders say will never recognize Israel

Posted: April 17, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Egypt, Gaza, Hamas, Israel

Hamas' Gazan chairman Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas' Gazan chairman Ismail Haniyeh

That is whom some in the West want us to negotiate with: One of Hamas’ top leaders –Mahmoud al-Zahar – repeated Hamas’ charter today in saying the terrorist group will never recognize Israel:

“We cannot, we will not, and we will never recognize the enemy in any way, shape or form”, Mahmoud al-Zahar, one of the two leaders, said in a mosque sermon broadcast on the Islamist movement’s radio station, referring to Israel.

Hamas’ chief – Ismail Haniyeh – on his part, tried to look nice to both Egypt and Iran, who nowadays clash due to Hizb Allah’s botched operations in Cairo and Sinai:

The Ma’an news agency quoted Haniyeh as saying following prayers at a mosque in Ash-Shati refugee camp that he was “deeply concerned over the media crisis between Egypt and Hizbullah” and that “Hamas respects the stability of Arab nations, as their security is part of Palestinian security.”

Al-Zahar said nothing new – Hamas’ charter states that the terror group will not recognize Israel and seeks its destruction. Haniyeh, however, tries to play nice, particularly with the Egyptians. According to news reports, many Egyptian officials waited for a moment such as the current clash with Lebanese Hizb Allah in order to harm Hamas, mainly after Hamas’ breach of Gaza-Egypt border.


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