Anarchists protest alleged murder

Posted: April 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel

Anarchists demonstrating in Tel Aviv (Image from Ynet English)

Anarchists demonstrating in Tel Aviv (Image from Ynet English)

Several hundred people protested the killing of Bassem Ibrahim Abu-Rahma, yesterday near Palestinian town of Bil’in. According to news report, Abu-Rahma was allegedly hit by tear gas shell fired from a weapon. The protesters prepared signs saying – among other things – ‘IDF: The most moral terror organization in the world”:

Yonatan Pollack, an “Anarchists against the Fence” activist who took part in the march in memory of Bassem Ibrahim Abu-Rahma, said he believes “what happened cannot keep on happening.”

“Our blood is precious to us and it should be precious to all, so that our friend’s murder does not pass silently,” he said.

Pollack stressed that his group will continue to protest the security fence’s route in Bilin and Naalin, both focal points of violent clashes.

“We intend to continue protesting both here and in the territories, and to continue to object to the policy of robbing land…we plan to continue supporting Palestinian resistance,” he said. “”We are shaking in our boots, yet despite this we have no choice but to continue our activities.”

So let me get this straight: you will keep protesting in a closed military area, into which you are under order not to enter? Apparently, for those people, ‘protesting’ is trying to get yourself killed by working machinery (‘suicide by a bulldozer’), getting in a way of Border Police soldiers trying to prevent you from killing yourself and then throwing stones at the soldiers (all clearly seen in this video). By the way, all videos I could find on YouTube on BIl’in demonstrations show one thing: BP soldiers acting same way every riot police acts around the world.


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