Al-Ahram attacks Ahmadinejad, says Iran has an agenda

Posted: April 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Iran, Israel, Palestinians

EgyptEgyptian daily al-Ahram attacked Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today in its editorial, saying, among other things:

“Since (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad rose to power, Iran has taken a loud and provocative tone to realize its rights to hold nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

“Instead of acting quietly and responsibly in the regional and international arena, and easing the concerns of its neighboring countries, the West and United States, Iran has chosen to do the exact opposite.”

“It [Iran] has even refused to hold talks on the United Arab Emirates’ three islands (that are disputed between the two nations) and has refused to take this matter to international arbitration.

“Instead of reassuring its neighbors of its intentions, it has decided to address Bahrain as if it belongs to the Iranian state, while Bahrain, Yemen and Morocco have begun to complain about its interference in their territories. Iran has also begun to make threats and talk about its desire to run the world’s matters.”

Ynet’s report is worth reading, to reach this conclusion:

“But, Tehran’s leaders must learn their lesson from the experience of Saddam Hussein, who reached his end alone, after losing the support of his brothers and neighbors.”

While Egyptians obviously have their own agenda, it should be noted that overall Egypt took careful steps throughout recent history, attempting to ease tensions, instead of creating them.

Al-Ahram was not the only one to attack Ahmadinejad, with al-Sharq al-Awsat joining suit, albeit in a different dimension (emphasis mine):

“How will the Iranian president’s speech contribute to the Palestinian issue or the good of the occupied Arab lands?”

“We have also promised in the past to dump Israel into the sea, but what does Ahmadinejad have to add? After all, all he did yesterday was push the international community to rally around Israel, to boycott the conference for it, and anyone who didn’t boycott it walked out of the hall in protest.”

“What Ahmadinejad said yesterday about Israel was nothing more than the refined version of things he used to say repeatedly in the past, and the Iranian president did promise to wipe Israel off the map in the past, described it as illegitimate, said it could not exist and said that the Holocaust was nothing more than a legend.

“If we remember all this today, we can see that his speech yesterday was a softer version of his words. It is obvious that this speech was intended mainly for the Arab and Islamic street,” he wrote.

“The Arabs fought six wars with Israel, not to mention the other battles that cannot be described as anything short of wars. We lost hundreds of thousands of dead and injured in them, our cities and our lands were occupied and we lost great treasures.”

“Is talk enough for us today? Did Iran lose even one tree for Palestine? Did Tehran sacrifice a single dead man on the front against Israel? Memory of the recent past teaches us that the Iranians refrained from participating in the last war on Gaza, under the orders of the highest authority in Iran.”

To say the truth, Iran does aid Hamas and Hizb Allah, by training its operatives and providing monies and arms to both.


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