Switzerland’s Merz claims neutrality, aids future Holocaust

Posted: April 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, Own Articles
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Switzerland's Hans-Rudolf Merz

Switzerland's Hans-Rudolf Merz

Switzerland’s disgraceful President Hans-Rudolf Merz played the ‘neutrality card’ as a reason for meeting with Iran’s Holocaust-denying President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, saying Switzerland maintains its neutrality. What Merz should understand is that this is not going to fly this time. During WW2, Switzerland was so neutral, it did business with Germany up to 1944, until they realized Nazis are about to get hammered. Switzerland also conveniently allowed German troops to move through their territory.

What Swiss officials do not understand, that the next world war will be religion-based, rather than race-related. The incoming armies will not spare them, unless they drop Christianity and atheism altogether.

For now, however, Merz prefers to shake hands with potential investors. After all, if Ahmadinejad ever reaches his goal of another Holocaust against the Jews, Swiss banks could receive some more money, taken straight from bodies of Jewish victims. That kind of opportunity you cannot pass on.

  1. Well, I believe that’s the problem. After a while, it became fine to talk to Holocaust deniers. It doesn’t matter if they ignore massacre of dozens of millions – they are still people and should be talked to.

    Or they could be shunned and frowned upon. This, however, doesn’t seem to be ‘fair’ nowadays.

  2. John says:

    Everyone should always be ready to talk with anyone.

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