Israeli Arabs oppose Jewish heritage

Posted: April 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Israeli Palestinians
MK from HADASH party Afu Aghbaria

MK from HADASH party Afu Aghbaria

Recently appointer education minister Gideon Saar declared he will reintroduce Jewish heritage studies into Israeli school system.

In a letter sent to new Education Minister, HADASH MK Afu Aghbaria expressed his hope Israeli Palestinians will be exempt from studying the subject, which “celebrates Zionism”.

“I hope students in Arab schools will be exempt from this curriculum, meant only to celebrate Zionism,” he wrote, further urging the Education Ministry to teach Jewish students about the Arab villages destroyed by Israel.

Aghbaria also criticized the fact that the new curriculum was prepared without consulting Arab figures. “Arabs make up about one fifth of Israel’s population. Naturally, they do not share the Zionist vision, which is at the heart of your new plan.

“It is hard to assume that the Education Ministry wishes to bolster the Jewish roots of students raised in line with Islam, Christianity and the Druze religion,” he added.

The Hadash MK also voiced his astonishment about the fact that this was Sa’ar’s first decision in office: “I hope and expect you to initiate a different plan, one which emphasizes the need to strengthen and improve the frail ties between the Jewish majority and Arab minority. This kind of plan may induce a positive reform among both communities.”

HADASH, of course, prefers Labor’s choice for Education Minister – Yuli Tamir, former activists of radical Peace Now movement. During her previous term, Tamir introduced Naqba studies into Israeli Palestinian schools – that is, allowed children of Israeli citizens to learn about the ‘Catastrophe’ – creation of the Jewish state.

Israel is  a Jewish state, meaning it can freely introduce studies about its people’s heritage into education system. Aghbaria is quite welcome to give up his Israeli citizenship and move under control of Palestinian Autonomy, where childrens’ books contain images of Palestine with no Israel and where suicide bombers are praised in schools.


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