Palestinian-style democracy

Posted: April 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Palestinians

Houses in HebronThey want peace: Palestinians operate a special tribunal, which investigates Palestinians selling lands to the Jews. There is even a man on trial now: a Hebron resident, under suspicion of selling land to the Jews. The prosecution demands conviction of treason. So much for peace.

The court hearing lasted more than six hours and included a reading of the indictment filed against the man. The prosecution presented documents including the locations of the lands the suspect allegedly sold to Israelis in the Hebron area.

Sources in the Palestinian Authority said that if the man were to be convicted of treason, he would most likely be sentenced to death.

I am waiting for the international press to report this, with sub-headlines saying: “Is it okay to receive death sentence for selling your property?” Oh, well, I guess we will never see that from CNN, Guardian, or Reuters.

Truly a democratic society ready for peace.


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