Yesh Din alleges Modiin Ilit park built on private property

Posted: April 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians

Modiin IlitAccording to Yesh Din – an Israeli advocacy group for Palestinians – town of Modiin Ilit recently built a park on private lands belonging to Palestinian residents of nearby Naalin village. According to the petition filed by the group, the town violated its own construction procedures, instead of enforcing them.

The plaintiffs further claim that in 2003, the city began construction on the park without the proper permits. They then had the Civil Administration issue a cease and desist order against the project, but it was never executed.

“This park was built on private land. This is a grave case of the City breaking its own planning and construction codes instead of enforcing them,” said the petition.

Although you will hardly find a group more biased against Israel than Yesh Din (well, maybe Betzelem), they are correct on this issue. If Modiin Ilit indeed built the park contrary to its own regulations, the park should be demolished (apparently, it never crossed minds of plaintiffs to leave the park intact for future use by Palestinians). Law should be enforced by the authorities and corruption should be punished.


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