Most Israelis would accept NATO deployment in West Bank

Posted: April 23, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, News that matters, Palestinians

Barack Obama in Turkey

Almost two-thirds of Israeli Jews (62 per cent) support sending NATO troops to the West Bank in a peacekeeping capacity, according to a poll by Keevon Research released Wednesday.

Israeli Arabs opposed the idea by 44 per cent to 24. A majority 60 per cent of Jewish respondents supported outright Israeli membership in NATO, while more than two-thirds of all Israelis (69 per cent ) would like to join the European Union.

The study showed that Israelis liked the EU in part because it promotes democracy and pluralism. Israelis were less forgiving on the question of a potential EU dialogue with Hamas, however, as 59% said it would diminish their view of the EU.

The study also asked Israelis to rate their opinions of several well-known foreign leaders and US President Barack Obama won hands down with a favorability rating of 74 percent. Asked about their main concern, Israelis said they were overwhelmingly more concerned about the economy than foreign policy by a margin of 61 per cent to 12 per cent.

Meantime, a separate poll by the Dahaf Institute for the dovish group One Voice has found that 80 percent of both Israelis and Palestinians support a two-state solution to the conflict, with strong opposition to the option of one bi-national state. It also showed wide gaps between Israelis and Palestinians on Jerusalem and the holy places, the Palestinian refugee and other nationalist issues.

Source: Keevon Research.

The Jewish Messiah Jesus foretold that just before He returns,Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies. (Luke 14:4) All nations will be gathered against Israel, and will be judged for going against the Word of God, who have taught us to bless Israel and help her.

The deployment of NATO troops will be the final trap for Israel, where the Jewish people will be forced into an agreement that will bring a false peace.

What have NATO (US and coalition forces) done in Iraq? Did they come to replace a moderate Sunni Islamic leadership, who allowed women liberty, and freedoms unequal in the Islamic World?

Today Iraq has got a puppet government. As soon as America exit, a new government will be formed that will force sharia laws on the people of Iraq.

What is NATO doing in Afghanistan? A sharia law was last week imposed in Kabul, that allows husbands to rape their wife’s in the name of Allah?

What is NATO doing in Pakistan? The second Pakistani province just 100 kilometers north of Islamabad, yesterday forced Taliban rules and Sharia laws up on its people.

People of Israel. Dont put your trust in NATO. Israel Defense Force (IDF): Please do not ever leave your control over Judea and Samaria (called the West Bank) to other armies

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