Lieberman talks about Syria, Palestinians

Posted: April 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Hezbollah, Israel, Peace Process, Syria
Newly appointed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Newly appointed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was interviewed by Austrian Kleine Zeitung, saying peace negotiations with Syria impossible while it supports terror, adding that Palestinians’ economy should be improved as a way to convince them to join peace effort:

In an interview with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, published Saturday, the Israeli foreign minister said “we must face reality; until now Syria has served as a haven for Hamas andIslamic Jihad. It supports Hizbullah and the smuggling of arms to south Lebanon. Syria also backs Iran’s nuclear program and is only strengthening its ties with Tehran. Therefore, I cannot view Syria as a genuine partner in any agreement.”

In the interview Lieberman also rejected the land-for-peace concept, saying that “so far it has not produced any results. What have all of (Israel’s) withdrawals led to? Hizbullah and rockets. This proposal simply doesn’t work.”

Asked by Kleine Zeitung on the necessary conditions for peace, Lieberman said “the diplomatic process is not vital to the establishment lasting peace. The most important thing for us is security, and the most critical issue for the Palestinians is the economic situation. Anyone can imagine what would happen in Austria if the unemployment rate would reach 40% and people would earn an average monthly salary of 150 euros; this is the Palestinians’ current situation.

“The West should not only to allocate funds to the Palestinians, but also invest in specific projects that will create jobs. Without this, it will be impossible to convince (the Palestinians) that they have a better future ahead of them and that a peaceful resolution would improve their lives,” the FM said.

Lieberman – presented as radical racist until now – presents his and Netanyahu’s point of view – different than that of their predecessors, which relied heavily on Israel being beaten down by the Arabs.

While many tried to incite against Netanayhu’s government, it seems that it offers a new way to peace. It might not be perfect, but neither was the one taken by Left-wing parties.

  1. It would definitely be a tough job. Yet, it is Netanyahu’s goal. He believes in a different approach than Israeli Left, believing in so-called ‘economic Peace’ – improving Palestinians’ economy before concessions.

  2. rolandhesz says:

    At last someone agrees with me that without improving the Palestinians’ economic situation all is for nothing. It is not the only thing to do of course, but a neccessary step.
    Plus, if someone could do it, it would mean Hamas is out of control and can’t steal from “their” people.

    I just think it will be rather difficult to do.

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