NYU cancels anti-Israel event, says student deceived management.

Posted: April 28, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, Israel, US

nyu The University of New York cancelled an anti-Israel event on its campus, stating student responsible for the event deceived NYU management by asking permission for climate change forum. Then, the student spread fliers regarding the event, which invited fellow students to ‘Hidden history of Zionism: The road to Gaza’s killing fields’.

“The recent assault on Gaza by the Israeli military and the continuing economic blockade of the region has shocked millions of people around the world,” read the flyer, which featured a picture of a bloody Gazan child from Israel’s Operation Cast Lead against Hamas.

The flyer queried how “the unspeakable crime of the Holocaust and the systematic genocide of Jews in Europe (could) become the justification for subjecting the Palestinian people to what can only be described as a system of apartheid” and called for people to learn “what can be done to fight for Palestinian freedom and the solution of a democratic, secular state in the region.”

“If this is not anti-Semitism, what is?” an Israeli residing near the university asked Ynet. “They’re distributing these flyers all around the university and there are similar posters inside and off campus. It’s strange to me that the university is giving them a stage. The contents of the posters are quite controversial.”

NYU did the right thing. If the student wants to promote hatred – he can do so off-campus. Hate speech has nothing to do with freedom of speech, and it is about time brainwashed university students learn that.


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