William Robinson joins Arab propaganda, likens Gaza to Nazi camp

Posted: April 30, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Palestinians, US
William Robinson

William Robinson

If you ever required a proof being Jewish does not save you from idiocy, now you’ve got one: American Jewish professor-activists William I. Robinson distributed emails among students likening Jewish victims of Holocaust to Palestinian victims in Gaza.

Robinson, a professor of sociology in University of California, titled the email ‘Parallel photos on Nazis and Israelis’, and sent it to about 80 students. Robinson concluded by writing: “Gaza in Israel’s Warsaw – one big concentration camp for Palestinian… What we are witnessing is the slow process of genocide.” Nice.

Two Jewish students immediately dropped the class and filed a formal complaint against Robinson with the Academic Senate’s Charges Committee. Robinson has hired an attorney and the hearing has been set for May 14.

Robinson, 50, who has been teaching at the University of Santa Barbara for the past nine years, called the complaints and criticism “an attack of academic freedom,” citing his accusers were confusing criticism with anti-Semitism.

Robinson further claimed that he often sends “thought provoking material” to his students by email.

It seems, idiocy runs in Robinson’s blood, as there is nothing ‘academic’ about comparison between Israelis and Nazis – even the numbers don’t add up (six million in six years against six thousand or so in nine years).

Some came to Robinson’s defense, calling attacks on him “a clear attempt to silence the criticism against Israel”. God, I wish all those groups would protect criticism of Palestinians with such passion.

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  2. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing honest about comparing Gaza and Nazis. Is 1,300 victims and 14,000,000 victims comparable? I don’t think so.

  3. cedricporet says:

    he didn’t say it’s same, he ask his students to compare ! that’s the best to become better : to watch ourself in a miror with honest eyes…

  4. Come on. The situation is completely different and you know it. a) Residents of Warsaw ghetto did not fire rockets into civilian population; b) Gaza was captured by Israel due to war started by Egypt, not for the fun of it; c) Warsaw ghetto residents did not pledge to destroy Germany and drown its people in the sea.

    The fact is, that Israel wouldn’t have entered Gaza at all if Gazans wouldn’t fire dozens of rockets every week at Israeli cities. Hamas was sure Israel wouldn’t attack, and they were wrong. Now Gazans have only their leaders to blame.

  5. Anyman says:

    What’s the lesson of history in comparing ghetos? Main difference is something can be done about dying children today in Gaza thanks to the memory of the Polish Ghetto. Or does Israel get a pass on the first 6 million dead?

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