IDF: Hamas has «weapons of mass deception»

Posted: May 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, IDF, War

ye0320792-wa.jpgIDF Chief General Gabi Ashkenazi recently informed Knesset, that Hamas terrorists were attempting to infiltrate rank and file troops while wearing IDF uniforms.

The first victim of war is always the truth. Hamas knows they can not beat the IDF based on military power. So the Radical Islamic terrorist organization is trying its best to win the war by using «weapons of mass deception». The war in Gaza is a war were the bullets of negative media coverage, is more harmful to Israel, than any rockets fired into the Negev desert or towards Ashkelon.

Hamas has always been willing to use suicide bombers, and they even use their own children as human shields when they shoot at Israeli soldiers. When the IDF fires back, innocent children loose their life. Next: The Hamas terrorist parade dead children in the streets of Gaza. International media gets pictures for their « Breaking News», that put the blame on Israel.

The most effective tactics of Hamas is to pose in IDF-uniforms. When such soldiers massacre their own people, they might get International observers as «objective witnesses», accusing Israel of war crimes.

(Contributed by News that matters)


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