Compare Israel to Nazis – get an investigation

Posted: May 2, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas

William Robinson attempts to dismiss criticism of himself as ‘threat to academic freedom’; yet, it seems there is nothing academic about comparing Nazi regime, with its massacre of Warsaw ghetto, to Palestinian Gaza, controlled by rocket-firing terrorists, who kill its own population, preventing it from getting medical treatment.

I told you about Robinson previously, when he sent emails to some of his students, comparing Nazi enclosure of Jews in Warsaw ghetto to Israel’s (and Egypt’s) blockade of terrorist-controlled Gaza. Now Robinson is being investigated by an UC’s Academic Senate, which will decide if Robinson either attempted to intimidate students or used campus resources for personal benefit (such as activism):

That committee will decide whether the case should proceed to a standing Academic Senate committee, which in turn could make discipline recommendations to the school administration.

“There is a process and it does have history and integrity and I think faculty members should have some confidence in the judgment of their peers,” UCSB spokesman Paul Desruisseaux said.

Robinson said he has hired an attorney and called the investigation a “violation of academic freedom.” “I expect to be totally vindicated,” he added. Some UCSB students have formed a support committee and outside academics, including famed philosopher-activist Noam Chomsky and other outside academics have publicly sided with Robinson. The student group plans a campus forum on the matter.

Noam Chomsky will hardly be of much help to Robinson. Although he is considered to be an expert in linguistics, Chomsky has long story of supporting criminal communist tyrants, and is perceived as a loon by many.

It is also notable, that in Robinson’s opinion he could not have made a mistake. That what happens to you when you are a loon. Every impartial person should consider the option he might have been wrong. Sadly, Robinson does not seem to be objective about himself, and probably used his university forum to spread his worldview, instead of teaching.

Let me be clear here: critcizing Israel is legit. Comparing it to Nazis is idiocy.

  1. ivarfjeld says:

    Good idea. Im am sure that the IDF already have a lot of material that should be considered released.

    In 1948, Israel scored a 1-0 victory simply buy surviving the war of Independence. In the 1980-ties and 1990-ties, the World turned neutral. It was like 1-1 for along time.

    After the war in Gaza, Radical Islam has taken a lead 1-2. They have had great successes in their media campaigns.

    By releasing more of the IDF`s photo and video-files,
    we can turn this around.

  2. It is possible you are correct. My problem with this is that it would significantly hurt morale of Israelis. During years of constant suicide bombers Israelis were depressed as it is, seeing images of death all around would be bad.

    What I do think should definitely be done, is widespread coverage by IDF of its controversial activities. For example – riots in Nil’in and Bil’in. Only videos of them you will find are made by the demonstrators themselves. They cut the videos in any way they like. IDF should have its own men with cameras on the ground to show its POV.

  3. ivarfjeld says:

    There was a article in Jerusalem Post a few days ago, when a gentleman said that Israel should start to publish more picture of people being slaughtered by suicide bombers.

    I feel that this option should be used. Even though it will be against the wish of the families of the victims who lives in pain and agony.

    If Israel shall get a fair trial, it needs to display the horrors of the war we all fight against Radical Islam.

    I have not done so. But I will do it, when the Jewish people are ready to support such kind of exposures.

  4. Ivar,

    Unfortunately we – the bloggers – do not have the resources of the press to ‘show’. Yet, we – you and me – do our best. Let us hope our best is good enough.

  5. ivarfjeld says:

    Dear Jonathan.

    Thanks for blogging for Israel. I feel we have to become more cleaver in exposing the truth, rather than just explaining. The World has stopped reading. We now face a human race who would like to see images. Radical Islam is an expert in Public Relations, even killing their own and parading the people they have murdered in the street, in front of TV-cameras. Claiming it was Jews who killed them.

    From a media man who stand with Israel: – Dont tell it. Show it.

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