Nasrallah attempts to paint defeat in victory colors

Posted: May 2, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah

hassannasrallah01.jpgCHIEF OF LEBANESE Hizb Allah terror group – Hassan Nasrallah – attempted to present his organization’s defeat in Egypt as victory today, by stating that Egypt’s endeavor to prevent Hizb Allah operatives to attack on Egypt’s soil has made the group stronger in eyes of many.

“The crisis with Egypt, which erupted three weeks ago, began with a media campaign starring the Egyptian regime – aided by other elements in the Arab world. Today we are witnessing a media war and a political war being waged by one side – the Egyptian regime. Hizbullah has not entered the media or political arena with the Egyptian regime,” Nasrallah said.

Nasrallah also responded to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s recent attacks against him: “What has the Egyptian regime gained from its campaign against Hizbullah? The Egyptian regime has not gained anything from this campaign. They failed to tar the face of Hizbullah.”

Nasrallah’s attempts are futile, however, as Egypt’s goal was never to ‘tar’ Hizb Allah, but to prevent its activities against targets inside Egypt.

While Nasrallah talks tough, it is clear that his organization – responsible for hundreds of deaths all over the world – might lose many options it had previously in helping Gazan terrorist group Hamas, as Egyptian security forces will now dig into Hizb Allah’s activities.


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