UN’s Moon criticizes terrorists for destabilizing Lebanon

Posted: May 2, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hezbollah, Lebanon, Terrorism, United Nations

UNSecretaryGeneralBanKiMoon2.jpgUNITED NATIONS’ SECRETARY General attacked Lebanese terrorist groups – both Hizb Allah and several Palestinian terrorist organizations – for failing to follow UN resolution 1559. Ban Ki Moon added that Hizb Allah challenges government’s authority, posing threat to peace and stability.

“The general improvement of the situation in the country, combined with reconciliation efforts in the region, creates a potential momentum to strengthen the sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon and Government control throughout the country,” Mr. Ban writes in the report, which focuses on the implementation of resolution 1559.

He voices concern, however, at occasional security incidents, which he says highlights the proliferation of weapons and armed groups that continue to operate in the Middle East country, in violation of the resolution.

Adopted by the Security Council in 2004 amid concern about high tensions within Lebanon, resolution 1559 calls for free and fair elections, an end to foreign interference and the disbanding of all militias.

“Hizbollah’s maintenance of a paramilitary capacity poses a key challenge to the Government’s monopoly on the legitimate use of force,” Mr Ban states, adding that recent clandestine activities by the militia beyond Lebanese territory also pose a threat to regional peace and stability.

It is nice of Mr. Moon to voice his concerns over terrorists in Lebanon; yet, his words will hardly affect anyone these days. The UN – organization vowing to be impartial in wars – took its ‘evenhanded view’ so far, it allowed genocides (such as ones in Rwanda and Darfur) all over the world. Thus, while many governments around the world maintain their memberships, many of them disregard UN’s resolutions. Israel has been largely disregarding UN’s calls to open its borders with Gaza, while Lebanon’s Hizb Allah ignores UN-recognized border with Israel, claiming latter still owes Shebaa Farms to Lebanon.


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