EU extorts relations ‘upgrade’ with Israel

Posted: May 6, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, West Bank

4764831.jpgEUROPEANS UNION JOINS the unison of many voices – including US President Barack Obama – for Israel to ‘endorse’ creation of Palestinian state, which would “enable the Palestinian population to live in peace next to Israel”, according to EU spokesperson Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal. In spite of the fact that Hamas vows to destroy Israel, and Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas denies Israel’s existence as Jewish state, EU decided to extort two-state solution from Israel:

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday in Jerusalem, European Union Ambassador Ramiro Cibrian-Uzal said the upgrading of the union’s ties with Israel would be dependent on the new government’s foreign policy, in the hopes that it will continue to be based on the two-state solution as the blueprint for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“But we do have two clear expectations, or demands. One is that the Israeli government show restraint when it is exercising its right for self defense. I have seen Israel show restraint many times in the years I have been here, but unfortunately there were times it didn’t, like in December and January in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.”

The second demand, he said, “concerns the issue of the Palestinian state. We expect that any foreign policy will keep the notion of the Palestinian state, that will enable the Palestinian population to live in peace next to Israel.”

The ambassador said that Israel is expected to halt all construction in the West Bank settlements, and further said that the EU does not differentiate between general expansion and natural expansion due to population growth.

While Cibrian-Uzal mentioned Israel’s construction of settlements, he praised Palestinian officials for doing good job in the West Bank:

“We have to give credit to the efforts made and the results achieved in the West Bank thanks to the leadership of (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas and (Palestinian Prime Minister Salam) Fayyad, and thanks to the forming of effective security mechanisms under the assistance of EUPOL COPPS, our American partners and with the cooperation of Israel.”

Uzal’s belief that Abbas’ effort to keep West Bank quiet is step towards peace, it portrays cluelessness of European officials. Abbas’ Fatah party vigorously fights Hamas’ influence in the West Bank, as many Palestinians grow tired of corruption within Fatah’s ranks. Hamas, who lost many points within Gaza, but gained some in the West Bank during its loss to IDF’s forces this winter, fights to gain political control of West Bank, hoping to gain stakes in any future elections.


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