NG surprises with Mother’s Day show

Posted: May 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank

BACKSPIN BLOG DISCOVERED a YouTube clip of National Geographic show, where NG’s Lisa Ling interviews Mariam Farhat – a Palestinian mother who produces children in order to kill them. Not herself, of course – she leaves the job to the children themselves or to Israeli security forces, as soon as her children attempt to become ‘martyrs’.

During the clip, you can see video clips of Farhat together with her son, the latter holding an M16. You can also see the room of one of her children, full with posters. Oh, no Britney Spears there, silly – posters of Khaled Mashaal and late Ahmad Yassin – both Hamas’ terrorist masterminds.

You should also read Backspin’s page on the subject, to discover that Palestinians have elected Farhat to Palestinian Parliament. But don’t worry – they just want peace.


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