Several US AGs defend ‘Cast Lead’

Posted: May 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, Hamas, IDF, Israel, Palestinians, US

Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna IN A LETTER sent to US Secretary of State – Hillary Rodham Clinton – ten Attorney Generals defended recent Israel’s operation ‘Cast Lead’ in Gaza. In the letter, the law enforcement officials claimed Hamas’ Qassam attacks on Israeli civilians is a casus belli.

The attorneys general wrote that “By intentionally targeting 6,300 rockets against Israel’s civilian population, Hamas is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of a war crime in that it has violated … the Geneva Convention of 1949.” The letter notes that the Geneva Convention provides that parties in a conflict must distinguish between civilians and combatants, and civilian and military objectives, and “direct their operations only against military objectives.”

“In addition to its war crimes committed against the Israeli civilian population, Hamas has also committed atrocities against the Palestinian civilian population under its control in Gaza by using these civilians as shields for its criminal conduct,” the letter continued.

Several of the attorneys general have visited Israel through an educational exchange program conducted by the league, which offers American officials the chance to become familiar with Israel’s legal framework, security issues and commitment to the rule of law.

The 10 attorneys general represent the states of Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington.

It is great judicial officials stand to defend Israel. It is important to understand that while Hamas claims Israel attacked first, the facts prove that Hamas fired rockets even during Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza strip in 2005. Israel’s attack on Gaza was a response to Hamas’ non-stop fire on Israel, which left up to 85% of Sderot’s children needing psychological or psychiatric help.


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