Article of the day by Yoram Ettinger

Posted: May 9, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process

IN TODAY’S COLUMN, Yoram Ettinger writes about wrongful linkage between Iranian nuclear issue – growing from its aspiration to control the Gulf – and Palestinian issue. The US administration, writes Ettinger, wrongfully decided two issues have anything to do with each other, as Iran did nothing in order to help Palestinians, always concentrating on its own problems:

In May 2009, the US Administration intends to roll Israel back to the 1949 Lines, including the repartitioning of Jerusalem. In order to pressure Israel, the Administration contends an ostensible linkage between the stop-Iran-campaign and the Palestinian issue. Just like its 1949 predecessor, the 2009 linkage aims at misrepresenting Israel as a peace obstructionist, which harms US national security.

The attempt to link the battle against megalomaniac Iran and the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is detached from Middle East reality. It plays into the hands of Iran, exacerbates Arab radicalism, undermines critical US national security interests and causes a setback to peace.

Read it all.


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