Abbas hits Ahmadinejad in the nuts, takes stance against Hamas

Posted: May 10, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Iran, Palestinians, Peace Process

Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas

PALESTINIAN PM MAHMOUD Abbas took a shot at Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, by stating that the latter does not speak for the Palestinian people:

"If he’s speaking for the Palestinian people, I want to emphasize that we did not give him a mandate to do so. We are recognized as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people, we recognize Israel and don’t want to destroy it. We want to establish an independent, Palestinian state, living alongside Israel," he said.

By declaring such tough stance, Abbas effectively attacks Ismayil Haniyeh, his Gazan rival from Hamas. Latter, actively supported by Iran and Lebanese Hizb Allah, fights Abbas for power. After 2005 elections, in which Hamas won majority of votes in Gaza, the group started rounding up rival Fatah activists and members, executing some of them. Many Fatah activists escaped to West Bank with Israel’s support.

Now, Hamas attempts to gain points in West Bank as well; yet, here his mission might prove to be tougher.

While many Palestinians view Abbas’ Fatah as corrupt – and Hamas as caring, building schools and clinics – some of that ‘caring’ feeling left many after officials from the radical group abandoned Gazan under Israeli fire, booby trapping civilian infrastructure, such as schools and homes, and hiding in underground bunkers, while hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed, including almost 200 children.

Abbas’ stance meant to gain points with Europeans and Americans, in order to gain financial backing. Still, while he attempts to present himself as a moderate, longing for peace, it is important to remember that Abbas longs for peace, as long as the state nearby is not Jewish.


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