Haaretz’s Hass takes off her mask to reveal loon’s face

Posted: May 12, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in 'Idiots' Awards, Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, Terrorism


MEET AMIRA HASS – a journalist from Haaretz and one of the most radical journalists in Israel. This isn’t the first time Hass appears on my blog – in March, she asserted IDF soldiers shot Palestinian civilians at short distances on purpose, taking none of that ‘this did not happen’ IDF c**p. Oh, no, Hass really knows what happened.

To give you some background, Hass – an Israeli – labeled Israel an apartheid state, was arrested by the police for entering Gaza with no permit, and was ordered to pay USD 60,000 to Hebron settlers for publishing false accounts. Oh, and she is a resident of Ramallah.

In her recent op-ed, Hass insists that Israeli governments do not want peace with Palestinians, as peace would cut into Israel’s profits:

Maintaining the occupation and a state of non-peace employs hundreds of thousands of Israelis. Some 70,000 people work in the security industry. Each year, tens of thousands finish their army service with special skills or a desirable sideline. For thousands it becomes their main career: professional soldiers, Shin Bet operatives, foreign consultants, mercenaries, weapons dealers. Therefore peace endangers the careers and professional futures of an important and prestigious stratum of Israelis, a stratum that has a major influence on the government.

But wait – it gets better, when Hass writes of another downside to peace agreement: inability to discriminate against Palestinians:

Peace will also reduce, if not erase entirely, the security pretext for discriminating against Palestinian Israelis – in land distribution, development resources, education, health employment and civil rights (such as marriage and citizenship). People who have gotten used to privilege under a system based on ethnic discrimination see its abrogation as a threat to their welfare.

I bet Israel’s founding fathers turn over in their graves right about now.

I believe above paragraphs, together with the background you have just read give you a crystal clear idea of Hass’ lunacy. She cleverly omits rise in Palestinian terror, lands and funds transferred to Palestinians under Oslo agreement (and guns, for that matter) and calls of many influential Palestinians to destroy Israel and drown the Jews in the sea.

If Hass would be in position of power, she definitely could reach agreement with Palestinians. Then, though, only place where Jews can be Jews without being persecuted will disappear.

P.S.: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Idiot of the Month, for May 2009.

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  2. I just believe it is sad a person can be that misguided… It definitely helps no one – not Israel nor Palestinians.

  3. Danny says:

    She IS a loser. Her parents are Auschwitz survivors. That has left a mark on her aparently.

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