Givati soldier admits stealing from Gazan man

Posted: May 13, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, IDF, Israel, Palestinians


AS A FOLLOWUP to previous story posted on this blog, an IDF soldier from Givati brigade – one of two under investigation – admitted to stealing a credit card from home of Gazan man, during operation ‘Cast Lead’ last winter:

The soldier is suspected of stealing a credit card from a Palestinian home together with another soldier. He later proceeded to use it in order to purchase merchandise worth NIS 1,600 ($388). Their arrest was first reported by Ynet.

The accused soldier pled guilty to the charges against him during questioning, and the military prosecution intends to indict him in the coming days. His arrest is currently remanded until Monday.

It would be a disgrace if he would receive less than several years in prison. Robbery is a crime, especially when the victim can do nothing about, fleeing from fighting.


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