Cohen’s loony-tunes act compares Israel’s nukes to Iran’s

Posted: May 17, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, Israel, Middle East, Own Articles, Palestinians, Terrorism


MEET ROGER COHEN. Oh, you have already met him on these pages – the man who prefers Oz to facts; the man who will push for the two-state solution, even though Palestinian push for the two-states-for-one-people peace deal. This Roger Cohen believes world’s attempts to halt production of Iranian nuke is a “double standard”, as Israel allegedly has nukes. There is no border to this man’s misguided ideology.

Overall, Cohen’s analysis is quite common for the New York Times: Cohen believes United States made a mistake by not engaging Iran diplomatically (which, in his opinion, led to Iran taking reigns of power in its hands), and also ties the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Iranian crisis (“You can’t build settlements and expect Iran’s influence to diminish”).

But Cohen really throws Israel under the bus at the very last paragraph:

When Netanyahu demurs, Obama should add: “And you know what the Arabs tell me in private? That Israeli use of force against Iran would be a disaster. And that it’s impossible to tell Iran it can’t have nukes when Israel has them. They say that’s a double standard. And you know what? They may have a point.”

I cannot say this was unexpected – especially not from the New York Times, the newspaper that publishes pro-Palestinian op-eds almost daily, while nicely omitting pro-Israel views.

Firstly, it is unclear how Iran has anything to do with the Palestinian confrontation. Iran aspired to gain power for the past 30 years, rarely mentioning Palestinian struggle or even Israel. Iran particularly focused on its nearest enemies – Saudi Arabia and Iraq – where Iranian leaders attempted to gain influence.

As I have previously mentioned – also quoting Washington Times’ editors – Iran poses an actual threat by supporting terror groups such as Hizb Allah and Hamas. There is no indication there would be anything stopping Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from transferring a nuclear device to one of those groups, who wouldn’t hesitate to use it even risking its own population (obviously instantly turning them into shahids). The fact that Ahmadinejad calls for outright destruction of Israel and genocide of its citizens, clearly portrays the danger Israel and others could face if Iran reaches its goal.

In addition, how can Cohen be so sure Iran won’t use US’ or Russia’s nuclear arsenal as pretext to building its own? Today it’s Israel, but what would stop Ahmadinejad from asserting: “Our nation needs protection from its enemies. While US holds nuclear capabilities, we cannot allow our nation to be inferior”?

I have previously mentioned danger to Israel emanating from Iran. What about Europe, though? Iran wouldn’t use missiles of course, why would they, when Europe’s Muslim population reaches twenty million? Many European governments – such as France, UK, Italy – still cannot effectively cope with smugglers, providing an entry door to thousands of illegal immigrants? Can Cohen be absolutely sure one of those won’t smuggle a dirty bomb into Paris?

  1. […] vigorously addresses Iran’s connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while time and again failing to address […]

  2. Ed,
    Thanks for that video.

    To be honest, as I mentioned several times before on these pages, I believe Cohen is simply misguided. No one – including in Israel – believes Iran would actually fire missiles on Israel – in my opinion there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

    However, the very fact that Iran has such power would significantly tip the scale in terrorists’ favor, as Iran could threaten Israel with nuclear attack each time Israel has to go for an operation to defend its cities. Moreover, Iran could easily transfer nuclear materials to Arab terrorists, which would harm all of us.

    Not surprisingly, Cohen omits these points, as they are really hard to answer using his ideology, so instead, he goes for an unrealistic scenario.

  3. ed says:

    Here is a video of Roger Cohen’s sophisticated analysis of the nuclear situation:

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