Memorial for dead soldiers defaced

Posted: May 17, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians

1_hhMEMORIAL TO 27 soldiers, who died during the Independence War was defaced today by unknown assailants, spraying graffiti in Arabic. According to reports, persons responsible for the memorial already work on restoring its look:

A Givati Brigade memorial located between Kibbuz Negba and Moshav Shafir in southern Israel was desecrated recently, as a passerby discovered Arabic graffiti was sprayed on its stones, Sunday.

Twenty-seven of Givati’s soldiers were killed during the battle of Mishlat Ibdis, fought in the area as part of the War of Independence.

A monument was erected in their honor, and the location has become a tourist attraction, as well as a memoriam.

Shafir residents were stunned to learn that the memorial was defaced with red and black slanderous graffiti. Moshe Rom, of the moshav’s tourism office, said that he has already begun working on having the site restored.

"I’ve already called the director of the Givati House in neighboring Metzudat Yoav in order to have the monument restored as soon as possible. We are keeping this place for posterity, so the next generations will know how we fought, and what we lost so we can be here," he said.

To be honest, most chances are that the assailants are of Arab descent, particularly due to large Israeli Palestinian populations in the Israeli north. It is important, though, to be levelheaded and understand that this might well be a provocation.

Sadly, it is unlikely we will ever discover who was behind the vandalism.


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