Hizb Allah plays the fear card again

Posted: May 19, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hezbollah, Israel, Lebanon, Terrorism


IT SEEMS THAT Hizb Allah chief Nasrallah attempts to gain popularity once again with his constituents by playing the Fear card. In his recent televised speech, Nasrallah stated that there might be a “small” probability of Israel commencing an attack on Lebanon during an upcoming state-wide drill. The dry run – planned by the Home Front Command, the branch of the IDF whose purpose it is to support civilian population in time of war – was planned months ahead of time in order to prepare Israelis for possible war, as well as test army’s own strengths and weaknesses.

"There is a possibility, albeit small, that Israel may be preparing to launch a new surprise war and is readying its people for such an eventuality," AFP quoted Nasrallah as saying in a televised address.

He was apparently referring to an exercise the IDF Home Front Command is preparing to hold in June, billed as "the largest drill ever in Israeli history," in hopes of priming the populace and raising awareness of the possibility of war breaking out.

The Hezbollah chief added that his militant organization was ready to fight a new war with Israel.

"If Israel plans on pulling anything during the maneuvers, we’re sending it a message that we stand ready and they will fail," he said, according to AFP. "We will not bury our heads in the sand.

Nasrallah speaks the truth indeed – in fact, during the 2006 war, he and his fellow Hizb Allah officials concealed not only their heads, but also their bodies under hundreds of feet of concrete, hiding from Israeli Air Force, while forcing civilians to stay in their towns and villages to use them as human shields. I am certain that residents of South Lebanon – hundreds of thousands of whom had to flee incoming Israeli forces, following Hizb Allah’s cross-border raid into Israel – were less than pleased hearing these words from Nasrallah.


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