Obama’s new peace deal

Posted: May 20, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, US


THE MUQATA BLOG publishes the details of Barack Obama’s new peace deal plan. According to it – among other things – Israel is to remove all settlements, and give up control of the Old City to the international community:

I was rather surprised this morning on my way to work this morning, as I heard the radio reports on Galei Tzahal, Israel Radio (now also reported in the JPost).

They reported that a new Obama Middle East Peace Initiative was going to be announced within the next few weeks. Obama’s plan was drawn up in coordination with the Arab League and without any input from Israel — which shocked Israel’s Foreign Ministry.

It is hard to tell what happens behind the veil of secrecy: behind closed doors, Obama and Netanyahu could agree on anything, while feeding the press only with small bits of information. Besides, knowing Benjamin Netanyahu, it is safe to say he might agree to much – including the Jerusalem deal.

If we are about to fantasize about the future, I would really like to know what would Obama do – or any other US president – when mortar shells will hit Jerusalem from newly established Palestinian state, and rockets would smash into Haifa’s nuclear facilities. Does Obama consider such an option? Would he dispatch the Marines to repair his botched peace deal?

Unfortunately, western politicians still cannot comprehend the actuality: that in peace, both sides must wish for it. If one of the sides constantly calls for genocide against members of other ethnic/religious group – one that populates their neighbor – no peace will hold. The Americans and the Europeans might wish to silence the Middle East war – however, it would be nothing but a temporary solution.


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