NYT never doubts Lebanon’s accusations, forgets Hizb Allah’s spies

Posted: May 23, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Press and Media

Hizb Allah gatherihg at Israeli border

A RECENT REPORT on alleged Israeli spies in Lebanon failed on about every count of objectivity. New York Times’ Robert Worth has no doubts about Lebanon’s claims of capturing ‘Israeli’ spies (isn’t it possible those were spies for any other state?), reports the anger of Lebanese officials over the extend of the network, and writes about cooperation between Lebanese Army and Hizb Allah as if we’re talking about FBI and CIA. What he fails to mention is several cases of Israel capturing Lebanese spies. I guess it’s okay for Lebanon to spy on Israel, but no vice versa:

The arrests appear to reflect a newly energized and coordinated effort by the Lebanese security agencies, which now cooperate far more effectively among themselves and with Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group based here, than they did in the past.

“Everyone who proves to be lenient in this business will be considered a partner” of Israel, Mr. Nasrallah said, noting that some of the spies had been captured with explosives and weapons, not just surveillance devices.

Worth then goes on to name several of the alleged spies.

Note, that in Worth’s article you will not find the word ‘alleged’. Yes, according to NYT, the people are already guilty – no trial necessary. It is also hard to infuriate Times’ editors with calls for execution; we also do not know if suspects were tortured. But these issues are too small for the Times. Most important issue: spies for the Jews were finally caught.


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