Russia to build four nuclear plants in Jordan

Posted: May 23, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Middle East


JORDAN GOES NUCLEAR: According to news reports, Russian officials signed a multi-year deal with ones from Jordan, to build several nuclear power plants in the Middle Eastern country. The deal – according to Russian officials – would bring four such plants “in the coming decades”:

The agreement was signed in Moscow between Sergei Kiriyenko, the head of Russia’s Rosatom nuclear corporation, and Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission chief Khaled Toukan.

"The signed agreement is the beginning of major strategic cooperation between the two countries. We intend to cooperate in the construction of nuclear power plants… and plan to build four plants in Jordan in the coming decades," Kiriyenko was quoted as saying by the Russian news agency.

Toukan told reporters: "We have started negotiations on various areas of cooperation, but the most important of them is the construction of a nuclear power plant for production of electric power, and of a desalination station."

While such development should worry Israel (particularly the “various areas of cooperation”, as it definitely means defense contracts), yet, it is hard to deny that overall nuclear power production is an effective way to bring power to your country – hopefully, Russians build better reactors than the one in Chernobyl.

This, however, means one thing: in case radical regime takes over Jordan, it means much trouble for Israel. Despite ‘Arrow’s abilities, Israel is left without choice but to develop nuclear device discovering methods and technologies, particularly ones capable of covering the entire country. Otherwise, in several decades, Israel could be in real danger.


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