Choosing the wrong candidate

Posted: May 24, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles, Press and Media


ALLOW ME TO apologize for this post: I rarely – if ever – comment on entertainment shows, as I believe they are mostly cheap, transmitting wrong signals to the audience. This time, one show had the chance to change my mind – and failed.

Today was the grand finale of Channel 10’s Survivor: Pearl Islands. As in every show in Survivor series, two contestants took the stand – only one of them was chosen by their peers, the jury – previous contestants, voted out of the game. This time, it was the choice between the man and the woman. Moreover, however, I believe it was almost a choice between good and evil – and the jury failed miserably.

Arick Alper, who weaseled and lied his way into stardom, was voted for even by a person to whom he lied directly on several occasions. Mirit Vacknin (pictured above) who mostly stood by her values of truth and honesty lost. The jury decided to give their votes, 6 to 3, to a pediatrician, who bluntly lied throughout the game. I believe it is unnecessary to mention I would never allow him to touch my child.

The jury, however, presented a clear picture of downfall of our society. During the pre-voting process, where jurors ask each one of the contenders questions regarding their behavior and ‘sportsmanship’ during the game. It is simply insane when people depict honesty as a weakness and a flaw. It is ludicrous that several jurors believed the woman should not win the prize because of her lack of weaseling. Instead, they elected a liar.

The message coming out of such show is clear: to get your way, lie to and trample others.

If you ever required evidence to how cheap nowadays TV is – look no more. Messages of good behavior and helping others are so last decade (or more). Today greed takes over TV.


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