Article of the day by Elyakim Haetzni

Posted: May 25, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians


IT WOULD BE hard to pass on Elyakim Haetzni’s recent op-ed, titles “The land of paradox”:

Netanyahu accommodates everyone: He appeased Ofer Eini and the Histadrut labor union federation, he bought Shas and the ultra-Orthodox parties, he embarked on a beautiful friendship with Ehud Barak, and made a great effort to bring Tzipi Livni into the government. Yet he is being tough with his own loyalists and those who support his own platform. And so, Obama screws the Jewish State, while Netanyahu screws the Jews of the state, that is, the settlers. That’s a paradox.

The Palestinians demand that the Jews living in their part of the land be removed, yet the Palestinians who reside in the Jewish side can stay, and be reinforced with millions of the 1948 refugees and their offspring. And so, “Palestine” is sending both its Jews and its refugees to the Jewish State. That’s absurd.

Absurd land it is indeed.


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