…and the unexpected happened (Act two, scene one)

Posted: May 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hezbollah, Lebanon, Middle East

I cast this spell upon you!

FOLLOWING MY PREDICTION of Hizb Allah’s Hassan Nasrallah trying to weasel out of accusations of being behind assassination of Lebanon’s Prime Minister – and then actually doing it – Hizb Allah’s chief of terrorists blames Israel for recent revelations. To tell the truth, it was really unexpected.

"I consider the report in Der Spiegel an Israeli accusation that Hezbollah killed the martyr Rafiq Hariri and we will deal with this claim as such," Nasrallah said on Monday.

"The report in Der Spiegel is very, very, very dangerous," he said.

Damn right it is dangerous. Al-Hariri was respected by many in Lebanon, potentially hurting Nasrallah’s group in June 7th election.

Ynet adds that according to Nasrallah, Der Spiegel is a Zionist source:

"Der Spiegel belongs to the Zionist lobby, which funds its operations," the Hizbullah leader added. He also said that the publication of the claim is part of an attempt by Israel and the United States to stir conflict between the Arab world and Iran, as well as to spark factional clashes in Lebanon itself.

"This plan is the last weapon remaining in the American and Israeli plan to create hostility between Arabs and Iran," he said.

Nasrallah recalled that this is not the first time Hizbullah has been accused of assassinating the popular Hariri, and claimed that the Der Spiegel report coincides with numerous Israeli statements made after a similar article was published by a Kuwaiti paper.

AP’s report correctly states that it is unlikely accusations would hurt Hizb Allah, unless someone shows some facts:

Unless the UN officially confirms it, the news report is unlikely to dramatically affect the outcome of the election.


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