Petition tells of joyous life in future Palestinian state

Posted: May 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank


A PALESTINIAN GAY male filed a petition with the High Court of Justice, asking to be allowed to stay in Israel. According to the document, the man wants to stay with his homosexual partner. That is not all, however, as the plaintiff asks asylum in order to escape torture by the hands of democratically elected Palestinian government and security forces. The man claims he was “mishandled” by Palestinian security officers in the past, and believes he will also be persecuted by members of his own family:

The Palestinian and his partner claim deportation will subject him to arrest and torture at the hands of Palestinian security forces, as well as persecution by his extended family because of his sexual identity and the fact that he has lived with an Israeli partner.

The petition also says the Palestinian has been suspected of collaboration with Israel in the past, which will also put him in harm’s way if he is returned to his previous home.

To be frank, the situation within the future Palestinian state would remind that of many other Arab/Muslim countries, such as Iran, where if you are a female rape victim you will get stoned to death – but if you are a male rapist, you will be set free, knowing the judges blame the victim for being “provocative”, thus “inviting” the violation.

The United States and the European Union, however, should ask themselves a question: do they really want to push for creation of yet another state, grossly violating rights of its own citizens? Remember my word: if in ten years we will see establishment of the Palestinian state, in twenty years we’ll have “human rights groups” blaming Obama – or his successor – for allowing establishment of such entity without supervision.

Look no further than Hamas taking over Gaza after Palestinians’ democratic elections: both terrorist groups got into fight over control of Gaza, with Hamas rounding up Fatah activists and either shooting them as ‘collaborators’ or banning them from Gaza.

Here is the major problem with US’ and EU’s vigorous thrust on Israel to allow creation of Palestine: without major change within Palestinian society – in particular, teaching children that life is better than death – we can expect more lawlessness in the forthcoming state. With radical terrorist groups’ popularity on the rise, they can go as far as expect to win next Palestinian elections. With Hamas controlling West Bank and Gaza, more round ups and ‘collaborator’ executions will follow.


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