Robber returns money; too little, too late

Posted: May 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, IDF, Israel, Palestinians

Suspect in court

IDF  SOLDIERS, PREVIOUSLY accused of robbing Gazan man during recent Cast Lead operation, decided to return the money, plus interest.

Sounds noble, of course, but it is not – the soldier returned the NIS 1,600 (USD 408) he stole from victim’s credit card, plus measly interest of NIS 20 (USD 5). The money was transferred by soldier’s attorney, together with an apology letter:

"In the name of my client I am writing to you in order to send his regret and sincere apology for withdrawing sums from your client’s account. My client wants to right his wrongdoing and return the money," Roda wrote.

The soldier’s trial has been scheduled for Wednesday, when he will face looting charges. The Palestinian has been barred from testifying as he is suspected of acts of terror. Police said the evidence against him consists of various explosive devices found in his home.

While I certainly expect the court to sentence the soldier to at least a year imprisonment, it is transparent that this gesture, meant to persuade judges to leniency, is not sufficient. The suspect cannot turn time back – but such a gesture is nothing but a fake regret.


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