Canadian: Israel is our defense of the Western civilization

Posted: May 27, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, News that matters

Jason Kenney

«THE EXISTENTIAL THREAT faced by Israel on a daily basis is ultimately a threat to the broader Western civilization» explains Cabinet Minister in Canada, Jason Kenney.

Kenney is Canada’s minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism said as he wound up a four-day trip to Israel Sunday.

Leftists and Islam together

The Canadian minister blasts «dangerous leftist-Islamist anti-Semitism».

A new anti-Semitism that emanates from an alliance of Western leftists and Islamic extremists is more dangerous than the «old European» form of Jew-hatred, says Kenney.

On a visit to Israel he was explaining the staunchly pro-Israel positions of his government, led by Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

– The abuse of human dignity

«It’s a threat that comes from profoundly undemocratic forces that don’t have the same conception of human dignity or freedom, and which abuse Israel as a kind of representative of the broader West and Western liberal-democratic values» said Kenney. Kenney said many anti-Israel attacks come from adherents of a form of anti-Semitism that who appear to view a Jewish homeland as illegitimate.

– Israel makes mistakes

«Israel is not perfect, obviously», Kenney said.

«Israelis should be the first to admit that. But we acknowledge that so much of the criticism Israel faces is motivated by a dangerous form of anti-Semitism that tries to hide behind anti-Zionism and is represented by a coalition of the far left in the West with extreme currents of jihadi Islam that seek the destruction of the Jewish nation. They seem to believe that the Jewish people are the only people in the world that don’t have a right to a homeland».

Source: The Israeli daily «Haaretz».


My comment: I can only say Amen to this message from Canada. Israel needs friends like this. Its important for the Jewish state so see that, at the end of the line, Evangelical Christians will be the only friends that will stand with the Jewish people through the incoming age of fresh trouble.

We need God of Israel to protect us. He has won all His battles before. He has promised that in the last battle He will come to Earth as the Messiah, whom I believe is «Y´shua» from Nazareth.

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  1. ivarfjeld says:

    I dont know much about Canada, and their support for Israel. But, in today`s news, there is an alarming message of a deep decline in incoming tourists to Israel.

    I hope and pray that more Canadians can come to Israel, and in a concrete way support the Jewish Nation.

  2. ivarfjeld says:

    Shalom. I rejoice in anyone willing to stand up for Israel. I agree that all Israel is doing is not correct. I feel your blog Jonathan, is very balanced, and you publish stories about IDF soldiers who stand in court, accused of criminal offenses. In my opinion, this makes Israel a nation ruled by the Court of law, justice and the important basic human right to get a fair trial.

  3. Absolutely agree.

    Don’t think their faith in Israel should be blind; however, it is refreshing to see someone sane for a change.

    It raises a question, though: Is it possible that Canadian government supports Israel more than one in US?

  4. Gary says:

    Kudos to Minister Jason Kenney & PM Stephen Harper!

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