PA Minister: «There was never a Jewish temple in Jerusalem»

Posted: June 2, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, News that matters, Palestinians


«THE TEMPLE WAS never in the Holy City [Jerusalem], and was absolutely never on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque».

This is a statement of Mahmoud Al-Habbash, PA Minister of Agriculture and Welfare. It has been recorded on Palestinian TV, (PA TV, April 16, 2009).

«The Jewish connection to Palestine is a myth»

«They [the Jews] base themselves on myths and invoke the Jewish religion and Jewish faith, despite the fact that the truly religious Jews truly believe – and they have stated this on more than one occasion».

Dr. Marwan Abu-Khalaf, director of the Archaeological Institute at Al-Quds University. He made this statement on (PA TV, Feb. 27, 2009).

«Jerusalem is not a Jewish city». «The archaeological treasures in Jerusalem emphasize the depth of the city’s heritage and history; they emphasize its Arabness and refute the Israeli claims that it is a Jewish city… It is known that perhaps under every stone and in every corner, on every street and at every turn in Jerusalem there are relics. These relics say, «We are Arab, we are Muslim, we are Christian».

Dr. Marwan Abu-Khalaf, director of the Archaeological Institute at Al-Quds University. (PA TV, Feb. 27, 2009).

Source: Palestinian Media Watch:


My comment: There is no end of the anti-Jewish lies and propaganda on the Palestinian TV. There is no longer any difference between the rhetoric of Hamas and Fatah.

The Global infifada is on.

Radical Islam is working in tandem with United Nations, The Pope of Rome and World Council of Churches (WCC). There have agreed to work together until East Jerusalem is back on Islamic hands.

Radical Islam wants to see Israel face a tragic end. There shall be no Jewish homeland and nation in the Middle East.

Open your eyes. Stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

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