Investigative team “amazed” at Gaza destruction

Posted: June 4, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, IDF, Israel, Palestinians, United Nations


WHILE THE PRESS raves over Barack Obama’s speech, in which he told in no uncertain terms he would throw as much Israel under the bus as needed, I noticed this line in a news reports, regarding UN’s group investigating Israel’s war crimes in Gaza:

The head of the UN team told reporters he was amazed by the damage caused by the operation, and added that the Israelis were not cooperating with the committee, despite the fact that they had been told cooperation was for their own good.

Holy tap-dancing Christ, call the cops! Those Israelis are at it, again, even though they were told it is for their own good! Wait, was that a threat?

We are sure to receive ‘fair and balanced’ report from Goldstone’s mission, particularly due to objective media coverage. For example, this text from China’s Xinhua agency:

According to deposed Hamas’ ministry of health, more than 1,450Palestinians were killed during the three-week military offensive, most of them women and children, and less than one third of those killed were militants.

Lack of Israel’s estimate is probably just the result of sloppy copy-paste from an email.

On the same day of Goldstone’s amazement at results of Hamas’ actions, UN chief’s spokeswoman – Michelle Montas – claimed that UN has not yet received monetary compensation for damage to its facilities in Gaza during Cast Lead operation this winter. UNRWA could probably ask Hamas for some funds, which basically received $25 million in the first half of December.

It goes even farther, though, with Israeli Palestinian Knesset Member, Afo Agbaria, willing to join the commission. Knowing the widespread love among Israeli Palestinians towards their state – or at least, one they are citizens of – we can surely expect him to be the most objective among foreigners.


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