Obama faces opposition to his stance on Israel

Posted: June 4, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Peace Process, Politics, US


DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVES FIERCELY supported Barak Obama during the elections campaign, yet, now that he is President, many Dems drift away from President’s agenda. While the overall Democratic blog is strong, there are disagreements on several issues, Israel being one of them.

According to reports, several Congress reps disagree with Obama’s tough attitude towards Israel, saying Israel’s concessions should go hand in hand with increase in Palestinian efforts to curb violence:

"I think the president went beyond where I think it was appropriate for us to go in dealing with another democracy," said Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner. "Any conversations about settlements, which are perfectly reasonable, have to be coupled with a sincere effort on the part of the Palestinians."

He told a press conference, "We have to be careful not to cross the line where it sounds like we are exerting the overwhelming pressure that we have at our disposal on our rather isolated ally." Democratic Congressmen Shelley Berkley and Joseph Crowley also were present and backed the statements.

Rep. Berkley stated, "We are very, very concerned that the statements were made so publicly to such a close and strong ally as the state of Israel."

It is also true, however, that most stand behind Obama’s attitude:

…Majority Leader Steny Hoyer backed President Obama’s policy against any expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

It is a good thing support for Israel is somewhat strong among high-ranking officials. Yet, it seems that most Democrats stand together with Obama, thus pressure on Israel is likely to mount.


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