Palestinians to file 936 lawsuits against Israel

Posted: June 7, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles, Palestinians, Terrorism


PALESTINIAN CENTER FOR Human Rights, a Palestinian rights group with main offices in Gaza, is in process of filing 936 lawsuits against Israel’s alleged war crimes during its operation Cast Lead, in which 1,400 Palestinians died, about half of them terrorists (the numbers are heavily disputed, though, with some claiming the number of casualties is as low as 600).

According to German Der Spiegel, the head of the organization – Iyad al-Alami – told in an interview it was his dream to see Israel held accountable for its horrible actions.

Obviously, Al-Alami could not care less about dead Israelis.

Of course, this is not the first instance of PCHR launching legal attacks against Israel. The one to get most attention was the suit filed with Madrid’s court against seven high-ranking Israeli political and military officials, alleging they committed a war crime by giving the order to kill Salah Shehada, commander of Izzedeen El-Qassam Battalions. The Battalions claimed lives of 98 Israelis between 1994 and 1996; two rockets the group fired from Gaza killed two in Sderot, including an four-years-old boy. Major attacks by Battalions, also known as Brigades, claimed lives of 84 Israelis between 2001 and 2004, including many civilians under the age of 18. Shehada himself was responsible for the lives of many of those people.

Attack on Shehada took lives of 17, including and infant, which is deplorable. However, it is worth to note that an attack on the terrorist leader, claimed less lives than several attacks by his organization (some of the numbers include 30 killed, 140 injured; 21 killed, 120 injured; 15 killed, 130 injured). While attack on civilians is horrible and should be prevented, should Israel allow people like him to relentlessly murder Israeli civilians? Should he be allowed to live because he hides behind the skirts of his family?

By the way, sad as it is, remaining members of Shahade’s family should not be worried – besides dictators such as Saddam Hussein, many Arab banks give free money to families of shahids.

As Ynet’s article points out, several European states play along with anti-Israeli agenda. For example, England and Norway both work hard to issue arrest warrants for Israeli officials. In 2007, former Internal Security Minister, Abraham Dichter, had to cancel his visit to the Land of Rain, due to lawsuits against him; in 2006, former IDF Major-General Doron Almog cancelled his visit following same circumstances.

We all should begin to see a pattern here and reach conclusions. First and foremost – while European courts (particularly ones headed by Fernando Andreu) are quick on the trigger to investigate Israel’s alleged war crimes, they were reluctant to investigate such acts by NATO members in Kosovo and Afghanistan, where ‘war crimes’ were hailed as victories over the bad guys. It’s the Jews who are not allowed to fight for their homeland.

Then comes lack of Israel’s reaction to Palestinian attacks. Israel fails to file a lawsuit with every possible court each time Gazans fire a rocket, or another Palestinian stabs a soldier. Israel also fails at explaining its actions. For example, Nil’in and Bil’in weekly demonstrations see many protesters killed. In most recent case, Palestinian protester was killed by IDF troops, allegedly using live fire. IDF fails to explain its actions by positioning its own cameramen within the riot control force.

Palestinians, on the other hand, are most welcome to fight the Jews. You will rarely see European criticism of Gazans’ actions, despite the fact that their attacks brought up to 85% of Sderot children to psychological or psychiatric care.

By the by, Israelis also attempt to file lawsuits – albeit, with Israeli courts – against terror leaders. But you already know how this story ends.


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