Article of the day, by Martin Sherman

Posted: June 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians

MARTIN SHERMAN WRITES an excellent op-ed today, one I could not but share with you. Sherman addresses the critics of the proposed bill that would make large-scale Naqba demonstrations illegal. FYI, the Naqba in Arabic means ‘catastrophe’, and is referred by Palestinians when mentioning establishment of the state of Israel.

While I believe the issue itself, which would require me to go into the free speech debate, requires deeper elaboration, Sherman sure makes few good points:

  1. In denying legality of such events, state of Israel does not hinder free speech, but instead fights incitement by a large percent of its population – against the state.
  2. The Naqba demonstrations mean to express sorrow over the fact the Jews were not all murdered in 1948.
  3. While principles of Democracy are sacred, you still have the right to protect yourself against vile incitement.

While the issue is obviously touchy – and I can’t say I agree with everything Sherman says, these points – and few others he makes along the way – are ones worth considering.


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