Carter attempts to play both sides

Posted: June 15, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Own Articles, Palestinians, West Bank

Former US President Jimmy Carter

WHILE FORMER US President Jimmy Carter usually outdoes himself fighting for freedom of Palestinian people (and blaming Israel for oppressing them), this day he chose to make another turn, probably deciding he will not be awarded any prize of attention if peace would not settle on Israel and Palestine. Thus, Jimmy Carter decided to visit occupied Palestinian land – to tell the Jews that they will probably stay right there.

Yes, that’s right. Carter visited Gush Etzion, occupied Palestinian land, telling the settlers there the region is adjacent to 1967 armistice line, thus they are unlikely to be required to move out of their homes:

"I never imagined that Gush Etzion would be transferred to Palestinian hands," Carter said following a meeting with local council leader Shaul Goldstein. He explained that the area is very close to the 1967 armistice line and will likely stay part of Israel forever.

Judging be the behavior of Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas – who demands total Israeli withdrawal back to pre-Six Days War lines, it is likely Carter’s words will flush down the john, together with his recent book.

Apropos his book: while today Carter shot for nice play, he is all but. One of his recent books, “Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid”, was criticized by all but Osama Bin Laden, starting with accusations against Carter for labeling Israel an apartheid state (obviously not true), to twisting the facts in order to portray Israel as main obstacle on Palestinians’ way to peace (if only there wouldn’t be Israel at all, peace would already be there). Carter later labeled his use of ‘apartheid’ “stupid” and “mistake”. Too little, too late.

Incidentally, on April 16th, 2008, after Carter “embraced” HAMAS officials in the West Bank, HAMAS proclaimed such behavior by former President as boosting legitimacy of the terror group. I guess now Haniyeh and Mashaal would have to re-think their love towards the old man, as he now “boosted legitimacy” of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

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