Brazilian football players to visit West Bank

Posted: June 17, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Palestinians, West Bank


Here’s a positive development for you: TWO BRAZILIAN FOOTBALL teams are to visit Palestinian West Bank and play a match. The teams in discussion are Flamengo FC and Corinthians FC. While this is not yet formal, managers say there’s an 80% chance of this happening in September.

While many might see it differently, I believe it is a great step, if it would be taken to turn smiles on faces of some Palestinians (and not to bash Israel). If the clubs are genuinely willing to bring happiness to the people in West Bank – I say walk it all the way.

This, obviously, might also bring Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas’ popularity up a few notches (and might’ve been planned as such), taking few voices off HAMAS’ roster.

Israeli officials already declared they would be offended if the clubs didn’t give Israel equal time. While I believe there is a point to this, it is also important to remember that the Palestinians never get to see famous sports clubs (unlike the Israelis) – all they see are fat, fame-greedy politicians. Not quite the same view.


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