It’s “blame Israel” time!

Posted: June 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran, Israel, Middle East, Terrorism

PPBBFFPBTFIT SEEMS JUPITER and Venus are aligned this day, as anti-Israel wolves are up and blaming Israel once again. Blood libels are soon to come, it seems.

First one comes from Iran, whose officials now say Israel was involved in an alleged terrorist plot to detonate mosques and other crowded areas on June 12th, during the elections. This revelation came just in time for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who seeks to divert attention of hundreds of thousands of protesters against his re-election. I bet he praises Allah this very moment – the Jews will always be around to blame.

The other one comes from Iran’s neighbor – Iraq – and they certainly learn well from their Iranian mentor. Several Iraqi lawmakers (read: people taking most bribes from the radicals) are to seek reparations from Israel for it’s 1981 attack on Iraqi nuclear reactor in Osiraq. Just as they do it now, the international community kept silent about it, with United Nations’ applying calming lotion of speeches, saying everything will be just fine and there is no threat to anyone. Thank God back then someone had the guts.

If such lawsuit would be filed against Israel, I believe it is only appropriate if Israel would file hundreds of lawsuits against Iraq, for its support of suicide bombers in Israel, paying large sums of money to families of those spending their time with 72 virgins.


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