US-style campus incitement reaches Israel

Posted: June 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians

Raed Salah inciting against Israel

WHILE FOR SOME time campus incitement and brainwashing stayed off Israeli universities and colleges, it had to arrive one day. This phenomenon is highly widespread in the United States, where anti-Israel Muslim movements on campus are as frequent as celebrity scandals. One day or another, it had to reach Israel.

Raed Salah, the chief of Islamic Movement northern division, knows the insides of Israeli prisons well. In 2003, he was arrested by the Israeli police for allegedly raising millions of dollars for HAMAS terror group, and spent two years in jail, after which a deal was reached with the authorities, binding him to Israel and forcing him to register with parole officer monthly. These days, Salah’s mission is incitement against Israel, and he does his job well.

Salah arrived at Haifa U campus today to talk to Arab students. No Jewish students were allowed, as university’s management feared clashes – so those students had to stay out, protesting outside. Inside, however, it was festive as well, with Salah dropping the bomb – Benjamin Netanyahu is about to fulfill his plan of destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque and establishing Jews’ Temple in its place.

Israeli Jews certainly read such proclamations with skepticism: some of them probably would be in favor of rebuilding the Temple, but everyone knows this is about last point on Netanyahu’s list, if at all. No Israeli leader, for at least two decades, spoke of rebuilding the Temple; yet, Salah and his men constantly remind their followers of their plan. Almost two years ago he played same tune, claiming he is only trying to protect the Mosque. Two years passed since then and nothing changed. The CD changer’s probably stuck.

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