Extremist Left-wingers disrespect IDF

Posted: June 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in 'Idiots' Awards, Anti-Israel, Israel

ISRAEL -Sahar Vardi (left) and  Hagai Matar  Summer camp in the Latrun Hills for conscientious  objectors, in which most of the counselors are themsleves objectors or draft dodgers.  PHOTO: Danna Harman

RADICAL LEFT-WING extremist Haggai Mattar, previously featured on pages of this blog, reports, through pages of Left-wing outlet Haaretz on a recent opening of a new vegan bar in Tel Aviv. The bar will serve a list of vegetarian meals and some specials. Included: refusal to serve uniformed IDF soldiers and purchase of West Bank products. Jewish West Bank vegetables, that is.

That’s right – if you are an IDF soldier, or a settler, stay away from Rogatka (“Slingshot”: the name probably reflects the Palestinian struggle).

Ironically enough, the employees of loony enterprise praise themselves as anti-weapons and anti-war, saying they “can’t hold views against discrimination and oppression, while at the same time support the infrastructure that exploits human beings and other animals”. For them, weapons is a tool for oppression, thus they cannot tolerate it. I guess slingshot – a weapon by any standard – would be allowed into the bar. After all, it is a weapon that fights oppression, isn’t it?

Lo and behold – Idiot of the Month, awarded to Rogatka bar. God speed.

Update: Until now, picture erroneously claimed the lady located to the left of aforementioned Haggai Mattar is Sa’ar Vardi. In fact, the correct wording is Sahar Vardi. I apologize for the inaccuracy.


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