Shalit kidnappers’ spokesman marries on anniversary of the attack

Posted: June 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Gaza, Gilad Shalit, Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism

Gilad Shalit

IN ANOTHER DISGUSTING display of joy over kidnapping and murder, spokesman for the organization that kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit – and murdered several other soldiers – decided to marry on third anniversary of the attack. Abu Mujahid – main spokesperson for Popular Resistance Committees – stated

he wanted his first day as a married man to be "as blessed as the day in which the kidnapping was carried out, when Allah saw our success and victory".

"On that day [of the kidnapping] hope was given to thousands of Palestinian prisoners who never dreamed they would see the light of freedom, and they can see that day is not far. It was also the day we avenged our martyrs. I think the ceremony will even begin at 6 am, the time of the kidnapping itself," he added.

That’s great. Mujahid forgot to mention that this attack brought closer IDF’s operation Cast Lead, which – due to HAMAS callous actions – led to deaths of at least 500 Gazan civilians. Those people lost all hope.

When asked whether he thought his actions were insensitive Abu Mujahid said, "It depends on who is looking at it and how. No one should preach ethics to us or speak to us about suffering and lack of sensitivity. We have suffered and we are suffering from the occupation and so it is our right to celebrate our large victory on this day, and I plan to enjoy myself at the wedding."

Sadly, many in Gaza cannot celebrate their weddings, due to lack of funds or ability to obtain food other than bread and canned rations. It seems to me, that Abu Mujahid – unlike most others in Gaza – knows little of actual suffering.


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