Escapee recounts beauty of HAMAS-controlled Gaza

Posted: June 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Palestinians

HAMAS demonstration in Gaza

OH, THE JOY of being Gaza citizen. Elected for bring education, healthcare and hatred for Jews to most Gazan homes, citizens are now rejoicing over their choice of government. Oh, wait…

A 24-years-old former PA police enjoyed HAMAS treatment so much, he actually went and gave himself in to the Zionists. The man, whom HAMAS considers to be a FATAH activists, says his body and soul may be at harm’s way in case he is forced to return to ‘HAMAS heaven’.

The man now petitions the High Court of Justice to either grant him citizenship in Israel or let him settle in West Bank. As of yet, no final decision has been reached.

  1. Thank you, thank you 😀

  2. tekhelet says:

    LOL the way you blogged this was funny!

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